Dining area

Nutritious Food

Complete nutrition is vital to your child's health. When you bring your child to The New Generation, he / she will always receive a lunch and snack. Have a peace of mind knowing that we follow C.N.A. guidelines and serve the freshest food available.

Your child deserves the best and we do what we can to ensure that that's exactly what every child at The New Generation receives. Call us today if you have any questions about your child's nutrition.

Great Variety

We believe that variety is the key to keeping your child healthy and happy, eating and growing. At The New Generation we like to mix things up so your child is never bored with the food selection available. We offer a great variety of kid-friendly food for your children.
Dining area

Menu Examples

  • Cereals and toasts
  • English muffins with pears
  • Waffles and bananas
  • French toast sticks with fruit cocktails
  • Chicken with rice
  • Hamburgers and corn with fruits
  • Taco salads with peaches
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The New Generation offers a discount for siblings. Call us today for more information.
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