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Welcome to The New Generation

It is such a pleasure to be able to bring you a little portion of what The New Generation is all about. To start off, you could just say that we're about loving children! We are a place where you can bring your child(ren) and know that our program exists for the benefit of your child and family. We believe in an atmosphere that nurtures and develops the child. It is our goal to get each and every parent involved as much as possible, because a big part of your child's success will come from your involvement at the highest degree. We've been providing childcare to the White Hall School District since 1999. The New Generation is a local, family-owned and operated educational center with a 16,000 square foot facility. We have a great staff of teachers for our learning and development center.

Developing Intellectually and Emotionally

At our center, each and every child is treated as his / her own person. We recognize that each child is different and has his / her own identity. We believe in letting your children make choices to develop confidence in their problem solving skills while enhancing their creativity and social skills. We'll teach your children to love and respect themselves and others while fostering their ability to become an independent learner with a positive self-image.

Our Goals for Your Child

Our goal at The New Generation is to ensure each and every child is aware that he / she is someone special. We make sure that each child goes through each day being loved, nurtured, and being taught in a manner that lets the child feel safe, secure, and familiar. Every child is treated equally and fairly, and we pray that the child always leaves with a smile on his / her face and a desire to return.

About Our Director

Our director, Teresa Phillips, has a B.A. degree in Psychology and holds a teaching certificate in mildly handicapped K-12. She is a certified childcare and preschool director with 23 years of teaching experience and working with children of all ages. We are so blessed and proud that The New Generation is finally a reality — a place where you can bring your child and walk away with a sense of security.

Our Philosophy

Young children need a secure, nurturing environment in the initial years of life. Developmentally appropriate activities are planned to meet the physical, cognitive, social, and emotional needs of each child. These activities reflect your children's interest areas and encourage their creative exploration. Each child is treated as a unique individual.

Tuition and Fees

Tuition is due the first of each week in advance. If tuition due on Monday is not received by Wednesday of that week, a $10 late fee will be charged. Tuition is due even if your child is absent as you are paying for a reservation and not your child's attendance. Alternate means of payment include check, money order, Visa and MasterCard.

A $20 fee will be charged for all returned checks. After 2 returned checks, cash or money order will be required for payment. An extra fee will be charged if your child is not picked up at the regular scheduled closing time of the center. This fee is $2 per minute the child is left in our care.

Hours of Operation, Holidays, and Bad Weather Closings

The New Generation is a full-day program. We open at 6:30 am and close at 6:00 pm from Monday to Friday. Our Saturday hours are 10:00 am until 6:00 pm for scheduled birthday parties. We remain closed on a Labor Day, Thanksgiving (2 days), Christmas, New Year's Day, Memorial Day, and the Fourth of July.

Should it become necessary to close the school due to inclement weather, we will notify the local television stations. In such scenarios, we will function according to what the White Hall School District decides. If they close, so will we.
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Our Staff

Theresa Philips

Teresa Phillips 

Has a B.A. degree in Psychology and holds a teaching certificate in mildly handicapped K-12. She is a certified childcare and preschool director with 23 years of teaching experience and working with children of all ages. 
Lisa South

Michelle Glover

My name is Michelle Glover and I'm the Office Manager at The New Generation! I've been with New Gen for 15 1/2 years. I've worked in several class rooms over the years until becoming the Office Manager about 7 years ago.
Lisa South

Lisa South

My name is Lisa South and I have been here since the day new generation opened 18 years ago. I work with all the children along with cooking and cleaning. 

Libby Persons

Libby Persons

I am the 5 year old teacher, I have been at The New Generation for 17 years.
Kyla Ames Aaron

Charlotte Allred 

I am Charlotte Allred. I am the 4 year old teacher. I have worked at The New Generation for 15 years. I have 3 grandchildren who have grown up at The New Generation.
Kyla Ames Aaron


My name is Amanda Carter. I have worked for the New Generation for 7 years. I teach the one year old class. 
Kyla Ames Aaron

Paula King

My name is Paula King, I am CDA certified and have worked in licensed Daycares for 29 years. I am the 3 year old Teacher at New Generation where I have been employed for over 4 years.
Kyla Ames Aaron

Courtney Joseph

My name is Courtney Joseph. I currently attend U.A.P.B. finishing my K-6 Education degree. I have the after school aged children, and also am over the summer camp! I have worked in several different classes at New Generation since 2013. I have had the school children for almost a year!
Libby Persons

Lesa Darrough

My name is Lesa Darrough , I'm a mother of 4 children . I also have 2 wonderful grandkids. I work in the Nursery at New Generation and My job here is to make sure these precious babies are fed, changed , happy and are loved on daily ! I've been here for 4 years . on copy
Kyla Ames Aaron

Mckenzie Barber

My name is Mckenzie Barber I have a 2 year old little girl that's the light of my life! I am 20 years old. My job here at New Generation is to make sure all the kids in my class have a good time that they are feed and changed and happy! I have worked here for almost 2 months and I absolutely love my job, the kids and the coworkers I get to work with!
Libby Persons

Lauren Heinzelman

My name is Lauren Heinzelman. I am 20 years old and I am a substitute teacher here at The New Generation. I've been working here for 7 months. I am also a full-time student at SEARK but I plan on attending Jefferson School of Nursing after all of my prerequisites are finished! 
Kyla Ames Aaron

Veronica Bailey

My name is Veronica Bailey ! I've been with New Generation for 2 years . I teach the two year old class and I Love it . I wouldn't consider what I do a job but it's definitely something you have to have a Big heart for . I am blessed to be apart of the New Generation!
Kyla Ames Aaron

Crystal Stevens

Hi I am Crystal I'm 40 years old I have a wonderful husband named David. I have 3 sons Charles is 16, Thomas is 9 and so is his twin Timothy. I been working here at New Generations for 5 months I work in the nursery I love my job and my coworkers and I am grateful to be here.
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